This is Us!

So, what's the story?


Elisha. The main (Wo)man. The Boss. With over 250 weddings under her belt, she is the driving force behind the business, setting it up in 2011 after capturing many family & friends weddings since 2007.

She’ll be there to capture all of the pivotal moments of your day. From getting ready in the morning, your first moments as a wedded couple, to the family portraits you’ll hang on your walls (the photos that matter to you!). She’ll likely also be the one in the background, blending in with the crowd to watch the day unfurl around her and letting people just be themselves.


Tom is the wingman to Elisha. He is the bouquet holder, the man to tie your ties on the morning, there to share a whiskey or two with you. His first instinct is to give massive hugs and ask questions later!

He came into the business in 2016, thrown in at the deep end to second-shoot in Ballymagarvey. Like a duck to water, he’s loved every second of working with Elisha and enjoys taking those candid moments between guests as he deftly moves through the crowd. He’s also been known to bust a move on the dancefloor to get the dirty dance shots!