D & D - Fun & rain in Ballymagarvey, Co Meath!

Danielle & David, so quiet, so close and full of love. They were amazing on the day and were so easy to work with, they made us feel so much a part of the day as any of their guests.

It all started with the usual hustle and bustle of prep in the morning, hairspray, laughter and grandmothers singing to their grandchild. Danielle, her family & bridesmaids all having a nice, chilled and relaxing morning getting ready. When it was David's time to get ready, he stunned with his gorgeous suit and was a very willing participant for some nice and candid portraits.

When you're told that the Groom isn't easy in front of the camera, you think of how to make them relax, to ensure that they get to enjoy their day. That was Tom's duty this week, and he needn't have worried as David was already at ease and was so comfortable in front of the lens.

The ceremony was beautiful as always in Ballymagarvey, you could feel the warmth and love emanating from the crowd as they sat in their places for the celebration of Danielle & David's love.

Moving then to the main house for the reception where people laughed and were merry while looking quizzically at Tom who had a mini Mogwai in his shirt pocket when taking some fun candids of the guests.

The day finished with a definite flourish as Spring Break were on hand with some solid 80s cheese for the revellers on the dance floor.

Thank you guys for such a wonderful day, we wish you both the very best for your future!