E & I - Love in Dublin Zoo!

"Oh well, in five years time we could be walking round a zoo" - Noah & The Whale

What a day! Elizabeth & Ian had a beautiful time amongst the animals in Dublin Zoo, offering such a unique backdrop for their wedding!

Meeting Ian beforehand and you could not imagine a more easy-going person! And when it came to Elizabeth, if there were a prize for smiles and laughs on a wedding day, she would win, HANDS DOWN! Her laugh was just infectious and seeing her laugh and enjoy the day really made it easy for us to take the photos!

Dublin Zoo strolls with the animals!

After a ceremony filled with Disney realness, we strolled through the zoo around the different animal enclosures. We spent time stopping to watch the Orangutans getting their fill of berries and getting a close-up of the seals!

These two were just so fun to shoot and to be around, we wish them both an amazing life together and were so honoured to have been there for their big day!