M & K - Fun and laughter in Glenlo Abbey!

If we were to sum up Michelle & Kevin’s day in three words, it would be “Laughter, Friendship & Love”. It was there for everyone to see, in every movement of their faces and the same was true for all of their guests. These were two very special people and their day in Glenlo Abbey was all about them and their shared journey together. It truly was a magical day and it was an absolute honour to capture their day that they had planned all the way from Australia, which can’t have been an easy task!

Michelle couldn’t stop smiling and laughing throughout the day, and why would she? She was marrying the love of her life in Kevin, who was full of mischief and fun. When they saw each other as Michelle walked up the aisle, the happiness was beaming out of their faces. These two, bringing so many people together for their story was a wondrous thing to witness.

We wish you both the absolute best for each other, in everything, in life and for all your stories to come.

Special shoutout to Eoin & Sue from Hitched Films. It was brilliant working together guys!