Favourite Venues - Clonabreany House

New week, new blog. This time about Clonabreany House!

Following on from last weeks blog of the Millhouse, we've come to Clonabreany House. I'm a big, big fan of Clonbreany. It's warm, inviting and really cosy. There's a lot of amazing potential spots for photos, both inside and out! As another private venue, you'll have the place to yourselves which is always a big plus!

I've been lucky to shoot there several times in a range of seasons and it's always been a pleasure! From the heaviest rain to the brightest shine of the sun, Clonabreany will always look magical!

So, if you are interested or know anyone who is getting married in Clonabreany House in 2020 and need a photographer, get in touch!