Favourite venues - Ballymagarvey Village

Ballymagarvey Village - What a venue!

Up this week on my list of great venues I've shot in is Ballymagarvey Village in Meath!

Ballymagarvey is probably one of the most popular venues I have shot in and it never disappoints! Around every corner, there is another fab spot for photo opportunities. I love that the banquet hall changes with the seasons and there have been many beautiful additions since I shot my first wedding there several years ago.

Three cheers for the staff!

The staff are always a pleasure to work with and the food is fantastic (yes, I always have food on the brain) It's a very popular venue and it's easy to see why! They put so much thought and effort into each and every wedding, it's clear each time I'm there to shoot how much they care for the couple!

Location, Location, Location...

There are just so many places to shoot in Ballymagarvey, you have a vast swathe of locales on site to take your couple portraits. There are the gardens just in front of the ceremony room with a gorgeous deck area to walk out to for some quiet, intimate moments together. You have the front of the beautiful house with the stunning chandelier tree at the front of the driveway. I tell you, when the tree is lit at night, it is just exceptional for a night-time portrait!

No matter where you have your portraits taken, Ballymagarvey Village (and me!) will have the perfect spot for you!

Below are some highlights from shooting many weddings there ;) Enjoy, and remember, if you or anyone you know is getting married in Ballymagarvey, get in touch!