Dublin City Weddings - My Ultimate Favourite!

In Dublin's Fair City, where the couples are so pretty! - Sorry, had to.

Dublin City Weddings are some of my absolute favourites to capture! The vibe is usually relaxed and the style is often incredible. There's nothing quite like walking through the streets of Dublin to sounds of Congratulations and other sometimes colourful hecklings! There is character everywhere and the city lends itself to ideal backdrops for smaller, more intimate celebrations.

I have been incredibly lucky to have shot so many gorgeous weddings in my home City, there's just something about having your wedding in the City that is very special and lends itself to a completely different vibe to any other type of venue.

Some amazing venues to chose from!

Some stand out venues for me include Dublin City Hall, Smock Alley, Fallon & Byrne, The National Art Gallery, Stephen's Green Hibernian, Trinity and any unique venues that I have captured small weddings in! (We ourselves got married in Peruke & Periwig!) There are endless possibilities and you're only limited by your imagination (and maybe your budget!)

The nitty-gritty! How do I shoot Dublin City Weddings?

I often shoot 2 and 3-hour weddings in Dublin which consists of coverage of the ceremony, formal and candid portraits after. If this sounds good to you, get in touch and I'll send you my special Dublin City package!